Privacy Policy

We highly value your trust on Hikoomart™. We request you to read our Privacy Policy. Here are the details of what information we collect from our customers and users, and also how we make use it, and to whom we shall share the information.

  Collection & updation of Personal information:

We shall collect necessary personal information that confirms you as whom you claim to be, when you register with us, when you take part in our reviews and feedbacks and other modes through which you communicate with us.

  Information Usage & Sharing:

  Communications: We shall keep you updated about our new services and updates from time to time. If in case for any reason, you do not want to receive any of these updates, you can stop them by mailing us to

  Payment Processing: For all kinds of credit/debit card payments, we redirect the customers to the respective financial channel for all their billing and full transaction details. We do not handle them by ourselves.

  Hikoomart™has got all the rights reserved to, disclose your personal information when necessary to:
    (1)All kinds of legal processes involving Hikoomart™.

  (2) When needed to protect, defend our private policies and rights.

  (3) Defending and protecting the other users of Hikoomart™ and their privacy

  (4) To completely ensure your compliance with the Terms & Conditions of Hikoomart™.

Hikoomart™ fully co-operates with all policies related to law enforcement, intellectual property laws & other rights. We have all the rights reserved to report any information that is suspected of being in relation to any kind of illegal activity or practices.

    Non-personal User Information:

  Our servers log the user’s computer IP address. We collects them only to identify our user’s email service providers. There are no other reasons for us doing so, other than ensuring user compliance with our Terms & Conditions.

      Information Technology Rules - 2011

  1. In any case of your consent to the terms of our Privacy Policy you can always withdraw your consent by providing us written intimation of your intent on doing the same.

  2. We collect your information solely for a lawful purpose, which is necessary.

  3. Your information will not be retained for longer than it’s required.

  4. Your information remains safe and secure with us as at all times and we protect the same with neat security policies as per industry standards.

    In case of grievances, contact the Grievance Officers at,

    Protecting Your Privacy

  If when you are on Hikoomart™ website, you may be directed to some other websites which are being hosted by third parties. We by no means endorse those websites. We are in no way responsible for the content of these websites.

  Do not reveal your personal information during your interactions with other users of our website.

  You are not advised to share your Hikoomart™ passwords with anyone. The responsibility of maintaining the secrecy of your personal data and passwords is yours.

  Minors who are under the age of 18 are not advised to use the website without the involvement or guidance of a parent or guardian.

  Prevent using the website and sharing personal and financial information through Hikoomart™ via public computers, for your own safety.

  Contact Information:

  Any questions or concerns in regard with our Privacy Policy shall be answered at