Refund & cancellation policies

Claiming Refund:

  We always strive to provide trust-worthy service and deliver top products, on time, but may at times, you may prefer a refund, and in that case we are always ready to help out on that.

  Below are the scenarios in which we owe you a full refund of money:

    Product mismatch between what was ordered and what was delivered.

  In case of delivery of defective product(s).

    Product damage during transit.

    Within thirty days of receiving your delivery, you may intimate us if you need a refund or an exchange your product.  

    You can mail us the complete details to with your Product id and transaction details.

    The parcel should be sent back to us through courier within 30 days of its receipt.

  The return courier charges will be either credited as a promotion code to you with a date of expiry.

      The returning merchandise must be unused. It should not be damaged or washed at any circumstance in short should be in the original condition of purchase.

    The products must be returned back with all packaged contents without damage of any kind.

    For further Customer Support you can always write us to:

Return a product:

    Our customer service policies are made keeping your best interest in our minds. They are very clear and simple policies, we don’t imply any hidden conditions at any point of the return process.

    It is at times possible that unfortunate occurrences can make a customer get dis-satisfied with the product that was delivered.

   If in case any of our customer needs to return a Hikoomart™product, we sure are ready to get it back with the best motive of replacing the product with the best alternative until the customer is completely satisfied.

       We always wish to deliver the best to the customers and satisfy them with the highest degree of convenience with product return policy too. There won’t be any excuses made, hassles created or extra amount charged. We promise our customers a clean, trouble-free product return policy. We respect the rights of our customers.

  Unsatisfied products can be returned to us within 30 days of time.